We often hear and share quotes saying “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL”, “BROWN AND PROUD” and many more. But somehow we tend to forget the same while doing make-up. Make-up has never meant becoming fair or white and changing your natural tone completely, NO, make-up is a beautiful, powerful weapon and must be used to accentuate your natural tone and features.


A make-up artist must know that he/she is supposed to ask clients with wheatish or dusky complexions, if they want one shade lighter foundation or not, it must be a part of their consultation and analysis process. A lot of MUAs don’t even carry foundations and bases that cover darker tones, in their vanity, which is highly unprofessional, as an artist we must be efficient in catering to clients of all different tones and colours. However, there are times when the clients themselves ask the MUA for a lighter base, which is a different case altogether, because ‘the client is always right’ (ALWAYS REMEMBER).

There’s no harm in lifting the tone once in a while through baking or highlighting with a lighter foundation but maintaining your client’s natural tone even after make-up transformation will do wonders, some of them are mentioned below:-

1.Natural look: Make-up trends keep changing from time to time, most people, be it for their wedding or a party, prefer natural base these days that matches their tone perfectly, which looks flawless not only in real but turns out amazing in photos too.


2.No oxidisation: Tone-to-tone make-up is highly unlikely to get oxidised, as it doesn’t involve using lighter foundations and also doesn’t create a disastrous contrast between the face and the neck.

3.Boosts confidence: You have no idea what wonders you (as an MUA) can do to someone’s confidence by giving them the transformation that doesn’t involve changing their tone 360 degrees and just working on their natural tones & features, thus, making the best out of it.


So, all those budding make-up artists out there, remember, not every dusky girl wants to look fair or white after make-up, some are just too much in love with their colour to ever want to change it with or without make-up.