Dermacol:-Best Full Coverage Long Lasting Foundation


If you are a makeup artist or interested in makeup then you must have heard about Dermacol. Dermacol is World’s number one full-coverage foundation which covers 100% of your tattoo marks or any other face marks You can use Dermacol even as a corrector for face problems like acne, blemishes, Hyperpigmentation, hypo pigmentation and dark circles. Dermacol was a kind of revolution in the makeup industry as it provides a full coverage makeup even with a thin layer of application and it is water resistant.

If someone is having a lot of face imperfections or wants to hide his/her tattoo marks then Dermacol is best for them. It is capable of covering post-surgical marks, tattoos and much more. It makes it easy for makeup artists to deal with clients with alot of skin problems. It can be used on the entire face and body for any type of color correction or skin imperfections.

Dermacol is best for professional makeup artists and for camera shoots. If someone is having deep set eyes or having dark circles under eyes they always need a concealer to hide them and for them a thin layer of Dermacol is enough to hide there problems. Dermacol is best if we talk about concentration of color, skin tone matching shades, long lasting without being cakey and easy to blend.

There are many of the benefits of using a dermacol as a foundation and some of them are:-

Waterproof:- It is a waterproof foundation and hence doesn’t fallout in water and good for shoots.

Hypoallergenic: – It is Dermatologically tested and hence won’t cause any kind of allergies to any time of skin.

For all skin types: – Best for all skin types.

SPF 30:- It contains SPF also hence protects our skin from harmful sun radiations.

Preservative-free:- It does not contain any kind of preservatives in it.

Dermacol Foundation provides an outstanding coverage to our face with a natural looking finish. The whole makeup look provides a velvety matte appearance.