Why Every Mua Must Have a Portfolio?


Portfolio is a collection of drawings, designs or creativity that represents a person’s work. Be it a model, an actor, a painter or a makeup artist, a portfolio is possessed by all artists in their respective fields to showcase their line of work.

A makeup artist has to show his/her line of work to the client before being finalised for the job. Any client would demand to see the portfolio to be sure of an MUA’s skills or whether the person’s capable of delivering what the client expects.


Portfolio must be super creative and fun to look at, when a person looks at your portfolio he/she should be able to see that you’re different from the other makeup artists out there and more creative with your work.



Your portfolio must include models of all colours, shapes and sizes. It shouldn’t be a typical portfolio showcasing only fair & thin models, if your portfolio is not diversified enough, you might face issues in creating your rapport as an artist you caters to people of all colour.



Your portfolio must include looks that represent your ethnicity, for example, if you are a Makeup artist based in India, your portfolio must have different bridal look from various state of the country, to grow your business during the wedding season.



Being a makeup artist is quite a rollercoaster ride; you never know which opportunity is waiting to knock at your door next. To be able to represent your work in the fashion industry your portfolio must carry some eye catching Avant Garde looks, originally created by you, so that you never lose any opportunity.


Don’t waste any time, put that creative mind at work and make a fabulous portfolio showcasing your creativity like none else.