Why counterfeit products are a big NO NO!!


Buying cheap and reasonable products is great fun, but not at the cost of your well-being. Counterfeit products are fraudulent imitations of the real ones and are clearly a big success in the market too.

The most famous markets in Delhi and other places are openly selling these fake products, with huge customer demand. You can easily find imitations of the biggest and most expensive brands like Huda beauty, Kylie jenner, Too faced, etc. at a really cheap price.


Similarly, just because you see a similar packaging of a kylie lip kit or a benefit highlighter does in no way mean it’s real, it is 100% FAKE and extremely risky to use. Counterfeit make-up is not just a rip-off but a major health concern too. This industry has grown so aggressively in the last couple years that the FBI (Law enforcement agency of USA) has dedicated a department towards raiding the stores and confiscating all the fake products being sold. The FBI reports that its agents have found a human carcinogens (substance that promotes the formation of cancer), aluminium, dangerous levels of bacteria and even human urine and feces in the products they have seized and you do not want to put that on your face, do you?



Buying these toxic counterfeit products might make you look pretty for some time but may bring major health risks for you. So many women have suffered major eye and lip infections and severe bacterial infections. The issue has gotten so serious and worrisome that even Netflix has made a series called BROKEN to raise awareness about counterfeit products and their life threatening risks.


So, all of you already using or thinking of buying any counterfeit product and taking pride in getting it for a really good price remember that the only bargain you’re going to be getting is a BACTERIAL INFECTION or something worse and you for sure do not want it.