One often knows essential information of their body. Like your blood group, what substances seem allergic to you etc? It is also essential to know one’s face shape.

Knowing your face shape, i.e. round, oval, heart or square, helps you understanding what suites you the best when it comes to hair dressing , makeup or accessories. What we mean to say is, we can help you get a flattering haircut, natural-looking fillers, and you could sculpt your face better with your favorite contouring kit according to your face shape.

Just follow this 4 step process to know your face shape.

1. Pull your hair back and outline the shape of your face on the mirror with a lip liner or a marker.

2. Which part of your face is the widest?.

Forehead: A wider forehead means it would be under the oval category, especially if the width “tapers toward the chin,”

Cheekbones: Face shapes that are widest at the cheekbones are a typically a round face shape Rowe says. With this face shape, the measurement of width and length are basically equal.

Jaw: If the jaw is the widest part of your face, you have a square face shape. In this case, the forehead, cheeks, and jaw line are almost equal in width. You might have a heart- or triangle-shaped face, though, so move on to step two to confirm.

3. What is the shape of your Jaw?

Pointy: Consider your face heart shaped. This face shape usually tapers toward the chin.

Square: A strong jaw line usually means a square face shape.

Round: Got a rounder jaw? This means you have a round face shape

4. What’s the length of your face?

Short: If you have a short face, you get categorized under the round face type.

Long: If you haven’t figured it out already in step one and two, you probably have an oval shaped face.