Sweat-Proof Your Makeup This Summer


A little sweat won’t hurt anybody, unless you’re wearing foundation. Summer is full of delightful things; melting makeup isn’t one of them. Your body’s natural cooling system can affect your beauty routine when the temperature rises. Indian summers are too hot to handle. The heat just wears you down with heat, and even the driest skin feels the oil and slick. You spend nearly 30 minutes applying makeup to go out, but by the step you step out, it already begins to melt. So, how do you make your makeup from sliding off of your face? Here are some tips put together to hamper that from happening.

A Clean Start

Always begin with washing your face with cold water to get rid of the oil built up. This step is to be followed religiously. Apply a light, oil-free moisturiser after patting your face dry.

Do Not Skip the Sunscreen

Apart from hydrating the skin, you also want to provide a proper protection from the sun; that means wearing sunscreen every single day. An oil-control sunscreen will be a better choice during the scorching summers.



To prep your skin for makeup, apply primer as your base. `You can also use your setting spray as primer. It really helps in holding the makeup in place.


Concealer Over foundation

Less is more! Using heavy foundation makes your makeup appear pasty. If required use a tinted moisturiser and a little bit of concealer and set it with powder. Eat cake, don’t look like one.


Ice-Ice Baby!

After you’re through with your powder setting, take an ice cube and rub it all over your face. Yes, you read it right! This will lift off the excess product and refresh your face, making your makeup stay put.


Bid Farewell to Your Powder Blush

Blush adds a healthy glow to any look, but using a powder formula, will make your face cakey. Switch to a cream blush, it looks more natural and blends easily into sun-kissed skin.


Glow Up with Bronzer

Apply bronzer to the apexes of the face, wherever the sun naturally hits you- forehead, cheekbones and nose; for the beautiful sun-kissed glow!


Switch to Lip Stains

Toss your heavy matte lipsticks and try lip stains. The long-lasting formula offer sheer coverage that is buildable.


Go Water Resistant

Switch to mascaras and liners that are water-resistant; these are able to withstand the summer sweating. Raccoon eyes will be one less problem to worry about!


Carry a Face Mist!

If you’re attending an exterior event and find it tough to refresh your makeup, carry a facial spritzwith you! It’ll cool your skin. Making your makeup last longer.


don’t Powder, Blot!

Powder and hot skin will turn your face into a cake pan. Powder clings and clogs your pores, making it look like covered in a film of dust. Try using a blotting paper. It will absorb the sweat without wiping off your makeup.


Stay Hydrated!

Keeping your body cool on the inside is the best way to keep it cool on the outside. Carry a bottle of cold water with you and drink frequently.

Sweat-proof makeup can be hard to achieve, but with these steps, you can at least expect your makeup to survive all those outdoor events- just don’t forget the sunscreen! As the saying goes, women don’t sweat, they glisten! .