It’s a struggle to get your eye makeup stay in place if you have oily lids. We’ve all dealt with putting on our makeup in the morning only to see a smudged liner or accumulated product on the gold of your eyes. There may not be a cure to completely stop your skin from producing out but sure there are measures to restrict it. Continue reading to learn how to prevent turning into a raccoon.

Begin with a Clean Slate

To start off your makeup, make sure that your skin is free of any residual makeup or oil. Make sure that there is no leftover oil as that can increase the possibility of greasy lids. Use a makeup remover followed by a facial cleanser, best suited for your skin type, to clean your face.


Choose the Right Skincare Products

After cleansing your face, it’s time for some serums and moisturiser. But make sure that the products you use do not clog pores. If the makeup isn’t staying in place, it’s probably because the moisturiser isn’t being fully absorbed. Go for the formulas that won’t leave your skin greasy, especially if you wear makeup on the daily. And avoid applying the moisturiser too close to the lash line.

Use a Blotting Paper

If your eyelids start producing oil, by the time you start your eye makeup, use a blotting paper to soak up the excess oil. You can also use it midday, as it only absorbs the oil without removing any makeup.


Use a Mattifying Primer

Primers can do wonders when it comes to holding your makeup together. Use an oil-free eye primer; but if you do not have an eye primer, a mattifying primer will do the job. But make sure to apply just a little amount of it and to check whether or not it’s safe on the eyes.


Set It with PowderOnce you’ve applied a thin layer of foundation or a concealer to your eyelids, set it with a loose or baked powder. This will prevent any creases and mattifies the skin. You can also set your gel/cream liners with the same coloured eyeshadow for a longer lasting effect.


Stick to Transfer-Free Products

A product that is not a long lasting formula will end up breaking down and melting into your crease. Using water-resistant products will guarantee that your makeup doesn’t go anywhere.