Start Your Career as a Freelance Makeup Artist


Starting your own business as a freelance makeup artist is easier said than done but there is no end to how much you get to learn. Working as a freelance makeup artist has its own perks; you can choose your own hours, set your own rates, choose your clients and maybe start your own brand. But it can be a tough job too. It requires a lot of passion, great communication skills and self-motivation.

Here are a few need to know tips and tricks for start your career as a freelance artist.

Learn How to Do Makeup

In today’s era, there’s nothing that can’t be learnt through the internet. People contemplate the reason to join a beauty school when they apply makeup every day. But little do they know that joining a beauty school will help them learn a lot. Doing makeup on different people gives you an advantage as you gain experience to deal with different face shapes and various skin conditions.

A formal education is not necessary, but it gives you an upper hand against the artists who lack a professional training. A certification or some experience is indispensable to kick start your career as a freelance makeup artist. Refine your skills as much as possible. Make sure your certificates and portfolio speak for themselves.

Build Your Vanity

Starting off your career as a professional makeup artist, you will need at least a basic kit of the products and tools. When beginning your career as a freelance makeup artist, you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands on your kit. Build a vanity on a budget. There is no end to adding to your vanity. You will find innumerable drugstore products that are of great quality. Do your research and get knowledge of where to splurge and when to save!

Know Your Boundaries

As a freelance makeup artist, you should not make the mistake of promising to deliver something you do not excel at. Just because you want to earn money, does not mean that you should take up clients demanding a look that is not your strength. Instead, take clients that you want to work with and concentrate more on your area of expertise. This will help build your reputation among potential clients.

Build Your Client Base

The key to start your career as a freelance makeup artist is advertising yourself. Freelancers are barely advertised. Start off by doing makeup for clients at a lower price. This way you’ll get promoted through word of mouth. And as you build a reputation, start increasing your prices steadily.

Another way of promoting yourself is through social media. Spend a little on those paid advertisements. There are people looking for makeup artists pretty much every day and this will make it easier for them to find you.

Keep Yourself Updated with the Current Trends

Keep evolving as a makeup artist and brief yourself with the current makeup trends. It’ll make an impression, on your clients, of commitment to improve as an artist and, you’ll find yourself way ahead in the competition. So, keep refining your skills!