STEP 1: Even skin tone! Apply concealer in your skin tone to drawback areas of the face to even out your skin. I apply to skin disorder scars.Blend out with the help of makeup sponge. TIP: solely apply to areas wherever you would like it.

STEP 2: Brighten things up! Apply brightening concealer below the eyes, inner eye corners and eye lids, round the nostrils, and on the high points of cheekbones. Mix out exploitation the makeup sponge. TIP: solely boost areas wherever you wish to embellish or bring options forward. Brighter merchandise build options seem larger and a lot of pronounced.

STEP 3: Add a lot of dimension! Apply darker shade concealer in hollows of the cheeks, on forehead around hairline, and anyplace else you wish to pretend a “shadow.” mix out exploitation the makeup sponge. TIP: for hooded eyelids, apply a small amount of this in your crease. I conjointly apply below the tip of my nose to shorten. Darker merchandise build options seem smaller and a lot of recessed.

STEP 4: Lock it all in! Set all of the cream merchandise with powders in matching colours. Apply the powder in your skin tone where you applied the concealer in your skin tone, and apply the darker powder where you applied the darker concealer. TIP: use identical face brush for each powder to avoid wasting time. You actually don’t would like two completely different tools for this.

STEP 5: Define the brows! Use the eyebrow corrector to set the eyebrows. I favour this kind of product as a result of it acts as a 2-in-1, once more saving you time and money.

STEP 6: Enhance your eyes! Take identical darker shade powder and use the war paint mixing brush to use it to the crease of your eyes during a mechanical device motion. Take the brown eye liner and run it over the outer corners of the highest and bottom lash lines. Use the little war paint brush to mix out the makeup till it simply feels like a small shadow that fades out seamlessly. TIP: once you suppose you’re done mixing, mix even a lot of.

STEP 7: Lengthen your lashes! Add make-up to prime and bottom lashes. TIP: if you wish to form a a lot of sultry cat eye look, apply the make-up during a sweeping motion that forces the lashes to denote towards the outer corners of the eyes.

STEP 8: Add a pop of colour! At this time, you’ve got a large amount of very natural/neutral shades everywhere the face. Add some cream blush to the apples of your cheeks to bring some life into the face with a rose or peach toned flush. Apply with fingers or the opposite aspect of the makeup sponge. TIP: add some to the nose and on top of eyebrows for and a lot of sun-kissed glow.

STEP 9: Hydrate your lips! Use a balm, gloss, or moisturising lip product with a small tint. This provides off the foremost natural look and is super low maintenance throughout the day.

STEP 10: Melt it all together! Take the makeup sponge and simply faucet it everywhere the face, ensuring every product is nicely integrated along. Blend the remaining product that’s left on the beauty blender down the jawline and neck to avoid any harsh lines. This might even be the time to feature a setting spray if that’s your factor.