Why you should shape your career in the field of Nutrition ?


When it comes to India being considered as a major super power among the global economies, it largely rests on how employable and prosper are the residents of this nation. We being a youth economy where 65% of occupants are in working age group, it is highly significant that we empower this demography and it can only be done with Skill Development. Skill Development in laymen terms refers to enhancing a person’s technical expertise and practical delivery of work to make him employable and productive. Vlcc Institute of Beauty & Nutrition in an effort to contribute to this mission have played a pivotal role in Beauty & Wellness training space.

One particular category, which has shown tremendous growth and demand in last few years is definitely Nutrition. Diploma in Nutrition refers to understanding the role of diet play and nutrition in maintaining health. With increasing demand among varied age groups towards living a healthy and fit lifestyle, the demand for specialist in Nutrition and Diet across hospitals and wellness centers have grown multifold. To balance this demand, VLCC Institute offers Diploma and Certificate courses in regular class room programs and also has certificate courses in Distance Learning programs, in varied categories like Nutrition & Dietetics, Clinical Nutrition, Sports and Fitness Nutrition, Child care Nutrition and Weight management and Slimming Therapies, incorporating comprehensive in depth knowledge in Nutrition Sciences, Food Science, Basic and Advance Anatomy & Physiology, Dietetics, Community and Therapeutic Nutrition.

The courses duration are 3 months, 6 months and 1 year for different course categories. Our regular courses have internship programme following the course to allow our students ‘on the job’ training to make them industry ready in all aspects. We also have an affiliation with Indira Gandhi National Open University’s DNHE programme, wherein VLCC gives complete and easy execution with the entire 1 year study with respect to assignments and project submission. We also have various workshops wherein we keep updating the students on relevant topics like Fad Diets, Child care Nutrition, Functional Foods, Fat Burners etc. The assessment process is simple and student friendly online exam.

Our courses offers varied career choices of working as Clinical Dietician, Nutrition Management Consultant in hospitals, wellness centers, gyms, hospitals, nursing home, spa or health . One can run their own private practices, work as an online/app based diet consultant or as a blogger. One can also work in media or journalism and in Neutraceutical Company, which manufactures supplements and supplement based food products, which is currently a booming market.

Our courses are not gender specific, has no age limits and classes conducted at convenient hours.