Seasonal Makeup

Seasonal Makeup

For years we’ve seen that makeup junkies develop a makeup routine and follow is to the end of times. For a long time, people have been determining their makeup style in accordance to their hair colour, skin tone and the clothes that they wear; but in modern times, the concept of changing the makeup with the seasons rather than a specific style is a trend. Moreover, a modernised makeup will improve your personal style! .


Indulge more in rich and deeper colours, like wines and chestnuts during wintertime. Deeper shades are ideal for the winter months and give warmth to the skin. If you’re going for rich shades for the eyes, choose a lighter lip colour and vice versa. When applying a foundation, use a moisturiser prior to it; or maybe even a hydrating serum. Pick a cream blush and a liquid foundation as they are easy to apply. Products with cream to powder finish can be used at convenience.


Put the bold colours away and keeps your makeup light. Add pastels to your makeup look; whether it is an eyeshadow or a lip colour. The faint colours will illuminate your skin. Lightening up your foundation, therefore, allowing your skin to breathe is also what can be done. Switch from full coverage foundation to a lighter coverage or a BB cream. It will keep the skin radiant while also allowing it to breathe.



Skip the foundation and simply conceal the blemishes or use a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream. But keep the base light or your thick foundation will eventually melt. You may use a bronzer for the sun-kissed glow and add a pink hue to your cheeks for the fresh look. Do not add too much of powder as it may end up making you look cakey. Go for water resistant mascaras and lip stains or tinted lip balms.



The autumn leaves are a great inspiration for makeup during fall. Choose rich, warm neutrals like browns and olives. You may also darken up your brows a little but know when to darkening them. Switch to a contour powder rather than focusing more on the summer tan. Fall is the ideal time to wear deeper shades of lipsticks.


Each season give a substantial amount of possibilities to experiment with the colours and introduces us to new looks. Experimenting with new looks may even boost the spirit and confidence. But no matter the season, the most important part of your makeup routine should be moisturising and an SPF during daytime.