Reasons Why Makeup Turns Ashy


After choosing the proper sort of foundation, another most vital task is to flawlessly apply the foundation on the skin. Foundations are often tempting but you have to lookout while applying on the face. Foundation which looks perfect within the store might not always end up being natural and good, depending on the skin. Well, here we bring you a couple of easy tips to stop your foundation from looking ashy.


Patch Test on Jaw line and Not on Hand

One of the foremost common mistakes most of us make while choosing our foundation shade is that we test it on our hand. Testing the shade on your face is often annoying, but it’ll get you the proper shade because the complexion of the neck and hand differs tons.


You don’t consider if your skin tone is warm or cool

As more beauty brands expand their range of foundation shades, we’re finally seeing products that consider if your skin is warm or cool. How to determine skin tone? A simple way to know is the way your skin tans. Cooler tones often burn or tan a pink/ cinnamon shade and should cooler cooler foundation shades. Warmer tones rarely burn and should select yellow undertone foundation.

Choose the Right Type of Foundation

Another important step to stop foundation from looking ashy is choosing the right type of foundation for your skin. If you’ve got oily skin, you ought to be using an oil-free foundation. People with dry skin should choose liquid foundation while people with sensitive skin should choose a powder foundation. People with combination skin type can opt for mousse because it can keep up a balance on the skin.

Exfoliating Your SkinExfoliating your skin before applying foundation is a simple way to prevent foundation from looking ashy. This purges the dead skin cells from the face, thus, forming a smooth base for makeup. Open pores, dead skin cells on the face can make your makeup look cakey, ashy and unnatural.


Use a Primer

Using a primer is the finest way to prevent your foundation from looking ashy. The primer forms a smooth base on the face for the foundation to settle on the skin easily. If you don’t have a primer at your home, simply massage your face with ice. Rubbing ice all over your face can help to close the pores on the skin, thus, allowing the makeup to seem fresh and last longer.

Mix with A Darker Foundation

Your foundation looks grey or ashy because it’s much lighter than your complexion. Working with a lighter foundation than your complexion, makes your skin look unnatural. So as to prevent this, add 2-3 drops of darker shade foundation and blend it well. Using this strategy will help your foundation to look fine, soft and flawless.

Blot the Excess Foundation

Blotting the foundation is another way to prevent the makeupfrom turning ashy. Take a blotting paper and pat it on the skin. This quick tip can not only help to suck up the surplus foundation from the face but also allows the makeup to set for an extended period.

Blending Problem

Not blending the foundation properly will surely cause an ashy face. Use a blending sponge or a puff to blend the foundation, seamlessly. Using a sponge can help to blend the foundation on the face and conceals the product in the unapproachable areas easily. If nothing, you can also use fingers to do it.