Reasons to become a Nutritionist


Young minds are like birds; free birds. They love to fly. You can be anything you want in life, as you are a person of limitless possibilities. If you are someone who believes that Beauty is not just a word; it is a world within and hold the thoughts that one can shine bright with the makeup they wear but shine brightest when they are healthy and fit from within, then this career of a Nutritionist is something only for you. It explores your persona of concentrating more on good health and let you discover the vital ingredients that are always the most important when it comes to bringing best out of you. All want to look good and your role is to make them feel good from deep within so that the effect of good health is reflected well on their outer personality and bring spark to their faces. Famous Celebrities always work with Nutritionists for bringing out their true beauty and you can be the one!

What it is?

Nutritionists believe in- “Why go for drugs when diet can do it?” They are the professionals who help you with everything you should eat and take for leading a beautiful life. A nutritionist provides information on good food and good eating habits that would eventually make your life healthy and blissful. They can work either individually or with a team in public health sector as well as in the private sector. A Nutritionists can also go for research work with leading firms and bring out products that are good for public heath. Their work starts with the start of your day. They prescribe every possible healthy food and habit that can benefit you. A nutritionist gets into the learning of your complete health profile and then advice you accordingly. They are staunchly involved in providing education to organizations as well as individuals about healthy eating plans. A healthy individual is the basis of a healthy organization. As a Nutritionists, you are more like a family member to the advice seeker and you become an integral part of their routine.

Nature of job :

A true Nutritionists knows everything about a food; its facts, nutritional value and side-effects. They are not only guides but also chefs as they advice you on what to eat and how to make it in best form so that you can eat it with love.

What they do :

1. They comprehend your profile, listen to your problem, diagnose your issue and treat it with dietary and nutritional suggestions.

2. Wide range of suggestions like Food ideas that can be easily consumed by kids, how to maintain a balanced lifestyle, getting a fit body and issue like dry and dead skin are handled by a nutritionist.

3. Follow up sessions are a must to go for. Once you book an appointment with a nutritionist, you are under the safe wings. After seeking advice, you are also called for motivational and follow up sessions so that a complete check can be kept on your improvement graph.

4. Studying and contemplating about the functioning of a human body is the prerequisites of any nutritionists so that they get a comprehensive approach while dealing with people and their illness, if any.

5. They are the experts of human Anthropology as they have to deal with people of diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. So their advices should be such that they do not harm the sentiments of seekers.

6. They are well aware of the metabolic rate of individuals so that their nutrition suggestions are best in giving nourishment and benefits.


Courses for becoming a Nutritionists :


Degree course :

This is a complete degree course of three years which can be upgraded to a master’s course of two years. There are many renowned universities where you can enroll for the course. You will avail the degree of B. Sc/ in food and nutrition.

Diploma course :

You can go for a One-year PG diploma which is a comprehensive course covering the vital requisites of a Nutritionist course.

Certificate course :

If you are a homemaker or someone who finds it hard to start with a complete degree course, then this special customized certificate course is only for you. It covers the nitty-gritty of a nutritionist in a span of 15 months which is then followed by an evaluation procedure. Afterwards you are awarded the certificate of a nutritionist. You can now start your own counseling office or can join VLCC for more enriching experience.