Prevention Is Better Than Oxidation


When something comes in contact with oxygen, oxidation happens. Like when we cut an apple into pieces, after sometime we notice that the Apple has turned brown, this is because of its exposure to oxygen. In same way, our makeup ingredients consists of certain minerals, which when exposed to oxygen starts makeup oxidation. However, the time may vary for different objects.

Not only the mineral content in our makeup such as titanium oxide, zinc oxide etc but also when the natural oil in our face mixes with the makeup , it reacts & oxidation may be noticed.

Tips to prevent makeup from OXIDATION

However we can slow down the process of makeup oxidation or prevent it by following certain tips:

Proper skincare-Especially for oily skin people it is important to use a oil free/ gel based cleanser followed by oil free moisturizer. Keeping the sebum secretion in control can prevent oxidation.


Primer is a must-As we know primer works as a protective barrier between the skin & makeup. Using a primer is mandatory to control the sebum secretion too.


Have a look at the ingredients-We should try avoiding oxides in the makeup products and use products with more antioxidant properties, so that it prevents from the process of oxidation.


Capping the products properly-Often we are in hurry, while doing makeup, so never leave the cap of your foundation unchecked. We should cap them tightly to avoid exposure to the oxygen.


These are few tips only; however the oxidation may also occur depending upon other conditions.