Pancake Makeup

Pancake Makeup


When it comes to the point of full coverage makeup we always think of pancakes. Pancakes are considered to be the foundations with 100% coverage. People working in front of cameras use pancakes for better representation of character. Pancakes are not as easy to handle as you think, If you do it wrong your whole effort is going to be a disaster.

Today’s post is all about the Heavy base i.e. pancakes. Where we mostly prefer to use pancakes,so lets clear all your doubts and move ahead for further details about pancakes. We choose pancakes makeup when it comes to the point of bridal makeup,photoshoots,dramas etc. It provides a very thick layer of base over your face hence it hides all your skin problems like freckles,blemishes ,dark spots etc.

Step-by-step pancake makeup process:

Primer:-Start with a clear and moisturized face. Apply primer to your skin. Base application:-After primer application you can either directly apply the pancake or on the layer of kryolan TV paint sticks for better results.


Blend it with a damp sponge along with the application as after drying it would create lines on your makeup. The best thing about using pancakes is you won’t need any concealer. All your imperfection will disappear with its direct application and it’s completely water based hence after drying it is completely locked.

Contouring:-According to your face shape contour your face with a darker shade of pancake.

Eye makeup:-As the base application is done you can do your eye makeup of your choice.

Lip color:-Apply lipstick according to skin color and dress color.

Last touch-up:-Last but no least apply blusher and highlighter to complete your makeup.


It takes maximum half an hour to set on the skin and it won’t even look cakey. However, there is one more thing. Usually, people tend to get way too white for pancakes. Which causes your face to look different from your rest of the body.

Pancake is kinda waterproof makeup. This type of makeup is best suitable for working under high-volt of light but makeup with Pancake is not suitable for your everyday life and not really good for your skin either.Makeup with pancake only gives you a matte, solid and long-lasting look, However makeup industry has changed alot and pancakes are rarely used now.People love to have natural looking glowy makeup instead of heavy coverage matte based pancake makeup.