Monochromatic Makeup


Makeup is all about playing with colors and if you are passionate about makeup then once in a lifetime you surely have heard about color wheel. Color Wheel teaches us when and how to play with color. One of the techniques of makeup that color wheel teaches us is Monochromatic makeup. In monochromatic makeup we used to keeping eyes, lips, and cheeks of same color family.


Monochromatic makeup is a fun way to play with your makeup which best suits your outfits. Doing monochromatic makeup is quite easy only a single technique that you must follow is that a single color or colors that are within the same shade range to be used in your whole makeup like eye makeup, lips and cheeks. Colors that we can choose monochromatic looks could red, pink, bronze, brown, nude and orange. However, if you are feeling experimental, you can also choose purple, grey, blue or even green as your base color. Skin undertones play a vital role in which color will suit us.

1-If your skin has olive, or golden undertones, your skin tone is “warm.” If you have a warm skin tone, rust or peach as your base color is best.

2-If your skin has a bluish undertone, then your skin tone comes under “cool tone” family. If you find you skin tone to be cool, colors like burgundy, purple or magenta will be best for your look.

3-If you find your skin under pink undertone, then choose colors like Bright blues, emeralds, and deep purples will look great, along with frosty shades of lavender, ice blue, or pink.

4-Neutral skin tones have the reflection in between of cool and warm family. If your skin tone comes under neutral skin tone, you can choose colors like bronze, peach, dusty rose, or soft pink.


Once you have chosen the base color, use varying shades of the base color for your makeup application. If you choose pink as your base color, for example, then you can play with multiple shades for pin for your makeup like using a medium shade of pink for your eye makeup, a lighter shade as a blusher, and a deep shade of pink for your lipstick.

One more technique you can follow in a monochromatic look is that you can use lighter to darker shades of the same color. For example, If you choose color for a makeup then choose pale, medium, and dark shades of the color for your makeup. Have your makeup of varying shades of shame color.

Monochromatic makeup is quite easy and fun to do. Hope you would love doing monochromatic makeup as it is all rounder makeup you can carry everywhere you love.