Metallic Makeup Ideas



Metallic makeup is one of the latest trends for ladies nowadays. Women’s are keen to learn and carry makeup looks containing metallic products. Metallic makeup look is one of the most high rated makeup trends and getting hike day by day. You can choose any of the colors for metallic makeup such as silver, gold, or copper. Various metallic shades are available nowadays to choose within, if you for metallic lips then go for the same colored but pale tone for your eyes instead. Metallic makeup is a kind of glitter makeup with no glitters. It’s a whole lot more sophisticated than the glitter makeup and mostly preferred on runways, city streets, and social media.



1.Start with primer Before applying any makeup, be sure to use both a face and eye primer to protect your skin and it helps to prevent creases and allow your metallic makeup look to stay longer and wearable. Metallic makeup adds shine to your skin and a very attractive look.

2.Select perfect shade for your complexion Yes you can wear any shade or tone of metallic makeup either silver ,gold or bronze but when it comes to the point of a perfect metallics makeup look for you it is always advisable to follow some of the general rules. Lighter skin tones can wear any of the colors from cool or warm families silver, gold or bronze but when we come to darker skin tones it is always advisable to carry colors from warm family such as gold and bronze for a more sexier and bold look.

3.Have fun with metallic eye shadow When it comes to the point of eye makeup we love to apply shimmers to it and when you hear the words “metallic makeup,” you probably think of bronze, gold, and silver. Play with these metallic eyeshadow colors on your eyes to give them the more attractive appearance.

4.Add a pop of metallic shade to your lips Add some of the metallic hue to your lips as well. Add shimmers to your lips with a classy metallic lipstick.


5.Add some of the gleam to your face Add some of the bronzer and highlighter to your cheeks to have a more contoured and natural look. Boom you are done with your simple and quick metallic makeup look.

The best thing about the metallic makeup trend is that it’s incredibly simple and easy to carry off!