One thing to always remember as a makeup artist; take a picture of your masterpiece or it never happened. There’s nothing more frustrating than poorly taken pictures of makeup. In the beauty industry, it’s all about showcasing what you can create with your expertise in makeup. As you advance in your career, employers will ask for your portfolio and this alone can make or break your career.

It’s all about finding the perfect lighting, angle and focus.

Your photos represent you a as makeup artist and display your potential which will, therefore, score you more job opportunities.


1-Your portfolio is your golden ticket as a makeup artist, so always make sure that it only consists of outstanding photos. It reflects who you are and what you can do as a makeup artist. If your pictures aren’t able to showcase your work well enough, clients may not appreciate it as much.

2-Your portfolio gives the clients a glimpse of your potential and displays your creativity.

3-It influences the look of the makeup. Capturing the perfect picture of your hard work will not be possible, if you are not observant enough.

4-Exquisite pictures make the clients feel as beautiful as they look. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you have triumphantly been able to make your clients feel confident about themselves.

5-A magnificent set of pictures means a great portfolio which means more value as a makeup artist. Poorly taken pictures drive away any potential clients.


Know the right angle; appealing poses give a personality to the photos, so yes, it matters.


Stick to plain backgrounds; your focus should be on the makeup you want to exhibit; you don’t want anything else to steal your thunder!

Lighting is the key; stick to natural lighting or considers buying a ring light. Poorly lit rooms are a big no! An incandescent lighting will make the picture seem warmer. A florescent lighting makes the photos appear cooler. And natural lighting gives the best results in the right circumstances.


Invest in a good camera; if you’re lucky enough to own a DSLR, there are two things to keep in mind. The macro setting, symbolized by a silhouette of a flower, can be used to take close-ups of eyes and lips. And the auto setting is an easy way to get pictures of the whole look. But if you don’t own a DSLR, use the rear camera to take pictures. No matter what phone you’re using, the rear camera is always better!

Retouch your photos but don’t overdo it; you want your pictures to look enhanced, but you don’t want to go overboard with it. It’ll only make the photo look unnatural. Filters are not your friend, in this case.


With these tips, hope you will be able to share your pictures in the most effective way possible.