Makeup on Mature Skin



As we know handling mature skin is not that easy, on that now-a-days because of the pollution and our lifestyle leading us to premature ageing as well.

So we need to use proper products for mature skin.

“Makeup has a solution for all age type and all type of skin.”


As we know mature skin is having more saggy skin of skin and wrinkly skin. We can go for silicon base products.

Choosing correct foundation


We can use silicon base foundation for mature as this kind of product give a instant lift to the skin, blur the appearance if fine lines, and feels light weight as well.

Using proper primer


Always go for gel based or HD based primer which will makes the skin smoother and easy to apply foundation.


We can always use light subtle colours for the lips and avoid bold dark colours with shimmer and we can go for very light colours for the eyes as well Eyeliner can be a smudged liner or applied very thin liner.


While choosing the lip colour we can avoid all the pastel matt colours, always try to put glossy colours which will hide the fine lined.