Lit it up – It’s about the glow


In Today’s world, every girl dreams of having luminous, glowing & radiant skin. So, in this perspective I can say that a highlighter is a girl’s best friend. While talking about the highlighters, let’s have a brief about the product.

The name ‘highlighter’ itself suggests that it pops out those features of the face where the natural light falls.


Areas that we love to flaunt

1.Center of the forehead & chin


3.Bridge of the nose

4.Cupid’s bow


We highlight the areas opposite to the contour. Below mentioned is a brief guide about the textures of highlighter available in the market.

Powder highlighter –It is the most popular and most used Highlighter. For adding the glow one can build it in layers. It can be used with the help of a fan brush.


Stick highlighter –Second in the list, stick highlighter can add up definition to the facial feature. We can apply it by twisting and swiping across the required areas.


Liquid highlighter –This product gives a glass clear glowing skin and can be applied with the help of finger tips / sponge.

Brick highlighter –The brick highlighter is available in a palette full of colors. It can be used on any complexion.


Jelly highlighter –This texture of highlighter adds a silky & bouncy effect to the skin, imparting a noticeable illumination.