Lipstick – A Blessing in Disguise


Lipstick is a woman’s favourite cosmetic. It’s a saviour when we don’t feel like concealing our face, just put on a beautiful rich coloured lipstick and you’re good to go.

No makeup is complete without lipstick application; you can do without blush, shadow or even eyeliner sometimes, but not without lipstick.

The product is much more than just a colour for the lips and can be used in a lot of different ways:

Colour Corrector-Lipstick believe it or not serves as a great colour corrector.Many You Tubers, Fashion Bloggers, Make-up artists and DIY artists have promoted how amazingly lipstick can be used for colour correction. It is not only economical but makes makeup even more interesting and fun.


Blush-You do not have to buy any other cream based super expensive blush when you have such a lipstick with you. There is nothing better than a beautiful pink/peach creamy lipstick to blush up those cheeks.


Eye shadow-Want to go buy a creamy eye shadow this time? No need; just put that lipstick you have to extra use and get a beautiful shiny cream eye shadow, and get that NO MAKEUP LOOK.


So, ladies now you know what a magical product your lipstick is, put it to some good use and rock every makeup look.