Importance of Personal Appearance



Why we think personal appearance is importance to us its all because appearance is your own image that you reflected to other people. Personal appearance is undeniably significant to what people think about you. so let’s take an example for better understanding its importance, Let’s take two people standing in front of you one is in very clean attractive formal attire and the other one is in dirty clothes with uncleaned shaved, whom you are attracted to talk to? whom you want to know more? It’s a clear understanding that mostly are attracted towards a person with clean and formally attired personality it’s all because our personal appearance reflect far more of our attitude and gratitude towards other and If we dress well and keep a fresh look, it would definitely leave a good impression in others’ minds.

In our personal appearance factors physical appearance plays a far important role as Physical appearance basically involves your body language in totality: your head movement, feet movements, hand movements, legs shaking, postures, gestures, facial features, and all other physical elements of your personality. These communicate a lot more than your personal outward appearances that are determined by clothing, attire, and make-ups.

Let’s understand what all are included in our personal appearance factors:


Regardless of your hairstyle, all hair should be clean and brushed/combed in the back as well as the front.

Face and skin:

Your face and neck is addressed first during your judgment of personal appearance. Men should be clean shaved or have their beards and mustaches trimmed and noticeable blemishes can be covered using makeup and women’s should wear a nude and no make-up look make-up, they don’t need to carry a heavy coverage of base and loud eye makeup.


Men’s nails should be trimmed and cleaned and for ladies, shorter nails are always more appropriate than long ones, any nail polish that’s applied should be of a light or nude shade.


Obviously, it’s important to brush and floss your teeth before going in front of your client. Always carry mints and mouthwash for an extra level of fresh breath confidence; however, never treat a client with anything in your mouth such as gum or mints.


You should always be in formal attire in front of your client and should not be in loud disc-style clothing as it presents a very bad and unprofessional behavior in front of your client.


Your choice of footwear should be flat-soled closed-toe shoes neither too bland nor too bold; just be sure to polish them before you step in front of your client.


Simple accessories such as watches, small earrings, and modest necklaces are completely acceptable and shouldn’t create any problem during your work. However, if you wear loud heavy accessories it would be more difficult to focus on your client and work.

It is also important to maintain your personal hygiene such as always clean your hands with sanitizer before and after working on your client, your trolly arrangement and brushes should always be clean and properly arranged and you should always work in a hygienic way. These all things reflect your personality and professionalism towards your work and hence very important to maintain your personal appearance.