how to become a dietecian


Bored at home or tensed with your obesity how to lose weight or looking for a profession that makes you fit and also gives you the money? Then you are on the right way. Take a step towards being a diet consultant.

Nutrition Course is one of the best courses being offered in India. You do not need to have any background in nutrition either! Our certified teachers will make you fall in love with the subject of nutrition.


Join our Nutrition courses from beginner to advance levels. We have courses from regular to distance learning like Professional Certificate in Holistic Health, Nutrition, and dietetics, with complete in-depth knowledge of nutrition science, food science, Anatomy and physiology, Dietetics, clinical nutrition, alternate therapies, weight management, and slimming therapies, a certificate in clinical nutrition and sports and fitness nutrition and certificate in Child Care Nutrition.

The course will help you build a strong foundation knowledge and make a career in nutrition. The teachers will teach you how to apply what you have learned by creating several diet charts.  You will also learn how to reach out to new prospective clients from different sources.

This course intends to increase your knowledge of nutrition and provide you with the skills to plan and implement an effective personal, group and team-based nutrition program that maximizes health, fitness, performance and well-being. After completing this course, you can take nutrition as your profession. One will become confident in acquiring new clients and making diet plans for different kinds of people.

Aspiring artisans, our Course will help you shine bright. We offer a step-by-step learning process that lets you take the journey of your dreams in the most comfortable and inspiring manner.


We will provide you with the certification which adds value.


Qualified candidates can work in

  1. :   hospitals
  2. : nursing homes
  3. : Corporate wellness advisor
  4. : Dietician
  5. : Holistic health practitioner
  6.   :Slimming centers
  7. : Gym or Hotels
  8. Day Boarding schools and canteens

Takeaway: These careers will keep you active and working with people.


We offer placement to our students to work with us as dieticians and also with other companies. Packages offered by our placement committee are good than others. It will give you a great start to your career.



It's never too late to start enjoying a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't matter how old you are -- your body needs energy and nutrition. As they say, nobody is perfect but we can make our lives better if we change the way we live.



One of the most important career goals that you can set for yourself is to become a nutritionist. You will be helping other people with their health, and by becoming a nutritionist you can do what you love while still getting the recognition that you deserve.

To avoid injury, start small and work up as you go.