Fruit Facials: Benefits over other Facials


There is a clear trend shift in these recent years from the upbeat Gold, Diamond and Pearl facials to the more Organic and natural facials. Such facials are natural cures and are definitely more rejuvenating and giving better results in terms of cleaning the clogged pores of the face. Just to make you remember, the benefits of home remedies like Multani Mitti, Milk, Tomato Juice and other fruits which are rich in Vitamin C and have anti ageing properties. Such Fruit Facials definitely result in the improvement of the skin as they are very well absorbed in the skin and the plus side being no side effects. These facials not only improve your Blood Circulation but also act as Natural Moisturizer leaving you with a soft and supple skin and enhance your Beauty.

Here‘s a quick guide to learn the same.


1– VLCC Aloe Vera Gel.

2– VLCC Sandal/Wild Turmeric.

3– VLCC Fruit Pack.

4– VLCC Rose water/Punernava.

Other Ingredients:

1– Soda Bicarbonate.

2– Cucumber.

3– Banana.

4– Papaya.

5– Honey.

6– Orange.

7– Milk.

Suitable for: Oily and Dull Skin


Clean face with moist cotton.

Remove makeup with VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk. Clean face and neck with wild turmeric.

Darb VLCC Rose water for toning.

Apply cotton strips dipped in soda bicarbonate solution. Give steam for approx 5 minutes or as required.

Extract whiteheads and blackheads, if required. Give Cold compression with strips soaked in Rosewater.

Induct or apply Papaya Juice for Dry Skin, use Orange/ Mausami Juice for Oily Skin and use Cucumber Juice for Normal Skin types. Apply the juice on face, then use cotton to squeeze more of the juice from the skin.

Without wiping off the juice, give massage for 5-7 minutes with Pulp of Banana for Dry skin, Vlcc Cucumber gel for oily skin and Aloe vera gel for normal skin types.

Wipe and clean face with moist cotton.

Apply VLCC fruit pack and put wet gauze over it.

Wash out the pack after 10 mins, frequency of the same should be once in a week to get rejuvenated Skin. It also helps in removing Tan and delays aging process of skin, giving glow to the face.