#1: Bananas makes you fat


Bananas give you calories as much as a pear! It is a concentrated source of minerals and vitamins and contains a carbohydrate called “Resistant Starch” (RS), which helps in weight loss


#2: Comfort food helps you chase away blues


A pizza on delivery? street chaat? or a bowl of Mac and Cheese? While you are down, comfort food just makes you feel better doesn’t it? In a recent study on Health Psychology, a bunch of people were shown a depressing movie to make them feel negative. Then they were given their comfort food, no food or food not considered to be comfort food. And they all recovered in equal amount of time. So, eating comfort food is no more and excuse to chase blues. Moreover, these foods all contain refined flour which gives glucose spikes with no healthy nutrient as such


#3: Choose a Multigrain/Wheat bread over White bread


  • Wheat bread – white bread with caramel/molasses
  • Multigrain bread- refined grains mixed together
  • Always look for ‘100% multigrain’ label on the pack.


#4: Rock salt is healthier than Table salt


Rock salt and table salt have the same amount of sodium in a tablespoon. Rock salt has other minerals and magnesium which exist in trace amounts. And table salt has iodine. This is very essential in your wholesome diet, as deficiency of iodine can lead to a condition of Hypothyroidism. You could have the best of both instead of giving up on table salt.


#5: You need to give up on carbs to lose weight


Nutritionists say that banning carbs from your diet is not necessary. It’s is about having the right portion. According to experts, carbs should take up ¼ of the portion of the meal; it is responsible for giving exclusive energy. In absence of carbs, the energy providing function is done by proteins and fats thereby creating a situation in which an accountant is used to design a building!