Fixing Spray Vs Setting Spray


When it comes to sprays, a lot of confusion ponders over. In order to make the optimum use of your product, you need to known about the sprays that are available in the market and their purpose of existence. Sprays that we generally hear about include Fixing spray, setting spray, & mists.


Fixing spray fixes our makeup. That is, it keeps the makeup intact throughout the day & covering all your activities. It dries up fast as soon as sprayed over the face, because of alcohol content in it.



Setting spray is different from fixing sprays. Generally when talking about setting spray, we think that it makes the makeup long lasting. But actually it is not completely true. Setting spray gives a blended look and makes the face look hydrated throughout the day. It prevents the makeup from drying out or fading.



Refreshing mists give a nice refreshed appearance to the skin. It can be usedbefore applying makeup or amidst the day to keep the healthy glow on the skin. It is a very good product for those with excessive dry skin as it provides extra nourishment to the skin.


1.Refreshing mists should be applied either before makeup/ amidst the day, to get fresh feel.

2.It is better to apply the setting spray, once the makeup is complete.

3.Fixing spray should also be applied after completing the makeup.

4.Howsoever, it’s better not to use too many products at a time. Now that the purpose of all the sprays have been discussed, one may use according to their requirement.