Fashion Editorial Makeup


Makeup is a key factor in the fashion world and editorial spreads. Fashion editorial are used to tell a story or create a fictional reality and for this it is important to have a professional makeup artist for professional makeup application as it gives a continuation of the theme or a story. So now let’s understand what type of makeup is to be used in fashion editorial.

Fashion editorial makeup is a makeup that is not worn on a daily basis, It is a makeup that is used for fashion magazines or runways. This type of makeup has to interpret a story the client, photographer, brand, or the director trying to create.

Fashion editorial makeup has to reflect the fashion along with the storytelling image. In this type of makeup client continuously informs what actually he wants and for this a continuous conversation with a makeup artist and a hairstylist is absolutely essential.


The most important thing in editorial makeup is the model’s skin. In the shoot it must look amazing, perfect and flawless free from imperfection and blemishes. For a perfect and amazing makeup understanding the skin type and choosing the right product for the right skin is essential. Another important thing in fashion editorial makeup is contouring of the face. We contour the model’s face with makeup to improve the bone structure and give more dimensions to the look. Profession contouring involves shadowing and highlighting the correct areas of the face to give a more enhanced look.

Fashion Editorial makeup is styled in a way to give the look and feeling of upcoming trends, hence it is very important for a makeup artist to have the knowledge of upcoming trends. In fashion editorial makeup along with makeup hairstyling also plays a very important role. Makeup artist and hairstylist should be creative to give the desired look according to the theme.

Knowing what exactly a fashion editorial makeup is, it is more important for you to be in continuous contact with the latest trends and upcoming styles.