It is a very soothing process

You lie down on a comfortable seat for an hour and half, where the technicians apply feather like things to your eyelash with some good music in the background. Sometimes they also provide you with a complimentary massage

It’s a customizable process

You can choose the length of the lash. Mostly it is in between 6-15 cms. Then you could also pick your curler – ‘J’ being natural and ‘D’ being very curly.

You can wear make up with it

No. If you somehow happened to put conventional fluid cosmetics into an airbrush, it would be excessively thick to sustain through the gun. There are special airbrush cosmetics available. They are essentially more slender and more watery in appearance.

The only thing that could be damaging to the extensions would be gel liner and oil make-up

removers. Also mascara could leave the eyelashes crusty. You could try to avoid that.

The application is very fine and the coverage is something you would notice when you apply more layers. Taking care of color pigmentation and dark circles should be done before airbrush

Eyelash extensions do last long

Most of the places would ask you to come for a touch up in 10-14 days, but this stays for more than a month