Difference between Matt and Oily Foundations



You must have seen various types of foundations in the market, have you ever thought what would be the differences between all these foundations and why so many types of foundations are present in the market. Every person has a different skin type then others and different types of makeup products are suitable for different types of the skin for example for oily skin matt base products are much more preferable and for dry skin oil based products are much more suitable. It also de pends what kind of look you prefer matt, glossy, sheer or dewy.

So today let’s learn about the difference between matt and oil based foundations and which type of foundation will suit which type of skin. So let’s begin with it:-


Matt foundation:

Matt finish foundations are foundations with a matt look because they have less moisture contents in it. They do not have shiny or glossy appearance. Matt foundations have moisture sealant properties in it because of which it appears without any shine on the face. Matt finish foundations are good for oily and excess oily skin and not much preferable for dry skins. These foundations are best suitable in summer seasons or in hot climates. They give a matt finish and long-lasting effects. They come in different forms like: liquid, creamy and powder. They were wrapped in different-different brands.

Oily foundations:

Oil base foundations contain oil in it. Some foundations are water based foundations also but they are good for oily skins. Oil based foundations are good for dry or excessive dry skin and provide a glossy finish to the face.

Oil base foundations are good in winter seasons or somewhere in cold climates. They have a shiny and glossy appearance but they cannot stay as long as matt foundation. They come in different forms like: liquid and creamy.


I hope it would be helpful for you guys to choose a better foundation for your skin type.