Create celebrities with our courses


We are generally fascinated by the glitz and glam of celebrities and their sparkling lives. Most of us adore them and try to meet them at some point of our lives but imagine if, you get a chance to work with them, wouldn’t it be exciting? Along with self-dependence and empowerment, irrespective of the backgrounds you come from and families you become a part of, you will get a chance to be a part of that glamorous social life that many have longing for. Create your own mark in makeup and glamour world with VLCC.

If you are a person with love for Arts and Aesthetics, then VLCC has devised courses specially for you.

VLCC is an established brand and is serving people with diverse choices by its dynamic courses and their blooming career options afterwards. There are more than hundred courses, both long and short that one can choose from. Our courses are devised according to individual needs and our fee-structure is best in industry so that your dreams can find a bigger space then any hurdle in life.


List of courses includes:


1. Aesthetics and skin : Clinical cosmetology is one of the blooming sectors when it comes to working with celebrities or creating one. Whether it be new fresh faces in glamour world or established names, all want to get flawless skin that looks blemish free and healthy. VLCC is offering various professional and certificate Aesthetics courses that are according to modern world needs and at per the demand of fashion industry. One can get Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics and Laser Aesthetics whose course duration is almost one year. You would be trained under experienced as well as practicing M.D Dermatologists and Cosmetologists and after successful completion of courses, you would get sure opportunity to either get your own start-up or work with leading cosmetology clinics and serve named celebrities and clients.

2. Makeup and Hair : It is now a well-established fact that every famous celebrity has a personal makeup artist and hair stylist for enhancing their look and getting the apt look for every occasion. VLCC has a list of courses of varied durations, so that you can learn the basics and advanced levels of makeup and hair styling and can establish yourself in this world of makeup and fashion. Our state-of-art makeup classes would help you to get best experience of learning from experts as well as practicing it with live clients so that you can hone your skills and can establish yourself with leading names of industry.

3. Nutrition and diet : This course is designed keeping in mind the rising demand of personal nutritionists that celebrities love to have so that they can get toned body, healthy minds and peaceful soul even after hectic lifestyles they live in. As a Nutritionists, your job would be to know everything about a food; its facts, nutritional value and side-effects and thus guide your clients with great advice of what to eat, how much to eat, what to avoid and even recipes that can make food interesting. VLCC offers both diploma and certificate course in Nutrition so that you can work with celebrities and make them healthy and appealing.