Common Makeup Mistakes Made


Makeup is a form of art and it takes a lot of practice to perfect the skill. A lot of times when you do your makeup, is the result just not right? Even though you “followed” everything the girl did in the tutorial? Chances are you could be making some mistakes. You will often face failure on the road to perfecting your makeup skills. But that shouldn’t dishearten you. Here are some possible mistakes that you could be making and how you can steer clear of them in the future. .


Skipping the Moisturizer

Skipping the moisturizer in your makeup routine is the biggest mistake that you can make. Preparing your skin is the way to a terrific makeup. Applying makeup on dry skin can cause flaky foundation and the greasy lids can result in your eye makeup to smudge. Moisturizing your skin will give the makeup a flawless finish. And it is also great for your skin to stay healthy. .

Choosing the Wrong Foundation

Picking the right foundation for your tone and skin type can be crafty. The common concept of testing it on your wrist is where people are wrong. Your wrist may not be of the same color as your face; therefore, it is better to test it on your jawline and leave it on for a while as some foundations oxidize and check it in the sunlight, if you can. If it’s hardly visible- it’s the right one! .


Contouring the Wrong Way

Perfecting the contour takes practice as no two people will have the same features. You need to figure out the face shape and what works the best for it. Aim towards enhancing the facial feature rather than looking like a skull. Ensure that you have picked up the right shade for your complexion.


Not Blending Enough

The key to makeup is blending. You need to maintain the pigment without having any harsh lines. Blending is a lot easier than you think. Remember that you can always build up the pigment and do not pile up as it can get messy.


Overdoing Your Brows

Choosing the wrong shade to fill your brows can make it look a little harsh and unnatural. Go for a shade which is slightly darker than your natural color of your brows and do not make a rectangle in the inner ends of your eyebrows. Use a light hand.


Lip Liner Misfortune

Over lining the lips can be a way of getting plumper lips but making mistakes while doing it is not uncommon. Opt for a color that matches your natural lip color the best and gradually over line the lips creating an illusion of fuller lips. Make sure that you over line only from the center of your lips and not the sides.


Sleeping with Your Makeup On

It’s no secret that it feels like a burden to wipe off the makeup at the end of the day. But doing this does no good to your skin. Going to bed with your makeup on can lead your skin to breakout or cause an infection. Do yourself a favor and clean your makeup before dozing off; your skin too needs to breathe! .