Color Correct

Color Correct


How necessary is color correcting?

Makeup is a powerful medium, which boosts up our confidence & develops our personality. Many people consider their pigmentation/ scar marks/ imperfections on the face to be a hindrance, which some where or the other demotivates them.

So this article, will guide you to achieve a flawless makeup. The colors corrected are:

Orange – For the dark brown pigments

Red- For the green problems

Green – For the red areas

Violet – For reducing shallowness

Yellow – To brighten the face & remove dullness

How much do we need to COLOR CORRECT?

First we should analyze our skin & it’s problems. Only then according to the requirement, the neutralizer should be used to cancel out the color of the problems. It should be then balanced with the help of a concealer. The final step should be using a foundation with high coverage. In makeup always less is more. So we should never over do a color corrector. It should be avoided in day time makeup.