Budgeted Vanity

Budgeted Vanity

Makeup industry is thriving and how. Every creative person who doesn’t want to continue doing a desk job sees an opportunity in this industry. People from all different professions and backgrounds want to become a makeup artist

But how important is it to own all the expensive, luxurious makeup brands and products in your vanity? The answer to that is ‘not important at all’. You must only buy branded products from stores but they don’t necessarily have to be ultra-expensive.

Making a vanity for makeup is no joke. Not only it involves decent investment but also a lot of thought and effort goes into deciding all different types of products you want to buy according to your target customers. Not every budding makeup artist has a huge budget to invent in brands like Mac, Chanel, and Huda Beauty etc. But it is more than possible to make a vanity with limited budget.

It is extremely important for you to first set a budget and then decide the brands you want to buy. Now the challenge for an MUA with a limited budget for vanity is to buy branded products without making a hole in their pocket, for that you must keep some points in mind:

Invest on palettes and not on individual products, for example, buying a base or a lipstick palette will be more economical than buying one single foundation, lipstick or blush. Palettes not only provide you with different colours but also look more professional in a vanity.


Buy reasonable brands and not over expensive ones. Brands like Makeup revolution, Wet & Wild, Nyx etc. offer a variety of products at a comparatively reasonable price, without compromising on the quality. There are many such similar brands that you can invest on with a limited budget.

You must always remember to not compromise on the quality of products, buying cheap and local products might help you make a vanity at a very less price but it won’t ever improve the quality of your business and services and that’s the last thing you would want.