The most important tool for us is “BRUSH”

There are different shapes and sizes are available for brushes,

Different textures of brushes helps us to improve application for makeup.


•Parts of the brush

•Types of Bristles

Synthetic > used for wet products, like foundation, eyeliner etc.

Natural > used for dry products, like eye shadow, blush, etc.

Duo fiber > mainly we can use this brush for blending base.

•Types of brushes

1. Foundation brush > this brush normally will be in Synthetic hair, as we use wet product. its will be a flat shape perfect for applying base.


2. Concealer Brush> Looks like mini foundation brush, suited for applying conceler in hard to Achieve places like under eyes.

3. Powder Brush> This kinda brush hair will be fluffy and soft. Best for powder application.

4. Blush Brush > This brush almost look like powder brush, they have a sloped tip to it, ideal for applying blush on the apple of the cheeks.

5. Smudger Brush > This kinda brush are best to smudge eye shadows and kajal, made of short bristles and shape will be flat. Great for smokey eyes.

6. Blender Brush > These brushes are used for blending harsh lines.

7.Eyeliner Brush> This brush looks very thin n slim. Best to apply eyeliner either gel, cream or liquid.

8. Anguler Brush/Eyebrow correction Brush > This brushes have trimmed angle shape which allows the brush to gives a sharp finishing to your eyebrow.

9.Mascara Brush> For hygiene standards we should use a separate mascara application brush so that bacteria and germs will not spread. We can apply mascara with it.. And this kind of brushes are reusable also.

10. Lip Liner Brush> This brush we use to define and line our lips.

11.Lip Filler brush > we use this brush to fill colour in our lips.

12.Eye Blending Brushes> These Brushes can be with short hair or long hair. We use these brushes for blending colours in our eyes.