As Indian is a country full of culture; we can see different types of bridal attire and different type of bridal makeup as well. So, we will discuss about some of them today.

Punjabi Bride

Bride full of bold colours, they like to carry heavy makeup, colours like red, maroon, gold, is one of the popular colours, like to carry heavy eye makeup with lots of glitter.

Bengali Bride


This kind of brides carry elegance and grace, they like to carry bold colours in their eyes, with a Chandan decoration on their forehead, what is called as “kolka”. Bold liner makes their eyes pop out and bright lip colour is famous.

Muslim Bride


Brides with heavy and bright colour dress, with an enhanced eye makeup, eye makeup like Smokeyeye, cut crease is more popular among them, decorating the eyes with glitter and heavy hair accessories like “pasha” is very important to them.

South Indian Bride


These brides are like to carry most natural look, simplicity is the key to them, with a subtle eye makeup and a proper enhanced lip and saree which draped neatly and lots of gold jewellery to compliment the saree is their favourite.

Christian Bride


When we talk about Christian bride, we can see that they carry a very subtle makeup to complement their white pretty gown, colours like grey, brown,mauve, white looks best to them with a soft natural makeup base.

India if full of different culture and we embrace that as well, there are many different brides more than this, but we discussed little of them, many more to explore.