Body Detox

Body Detox

Drinking detox water is certainly not a new mantra! Most of the places people replace tea and coffee machines with dispensers that contain these fruit-infused waters like at the office, get-togethers, and weddings!


They are able to boost metabolism, flush out toxins.

Being hydrated also reduces constipation.

Detox water deals with the gastrointestinal system and liver to free it of poisons, and other toxins, which slows down the metabolic process, builds weakness, weight gain and leads to different diseases.


You simply have to add or infuse water with fresh fruit, herbs and a few spices as well.



Oranges, an amazing source of Vitamin C, secures the body against the destructive impacts of free radicals. It reduces ageing and makes the skin glow. Mint contains terpenoid which decreases inflammation, it is said to be a craving suppressant.


Apple-cinnamon mixed water is a magnificent digestion promoter. Apples have vitamin C and flavonoids i.e Quercetin which diminish the danger of coronary illness and diabetes. Cinnamon has cinnamic acid, a phenolic compound which diminishes cholesterol and reduces arthritis pain.


Strawberries are stuffed with flavonoids. This is an ideal time to attempt it as the fruit is in season. Jumble the strawberries a little before you add it to the container. Include crisp mint leaves at the top for flavor.


This attempts to bust that gut fat. Studies show that when people drank a drink with ginger, they felt more full and didn’t gorge. Lemon contains terpene limonoid i.e. limonene which helps in weight reduction, improves our immune system and is a natural diuretic.