Blow drying you Hair – Remember these important 7 steps


Blow drying is the technique of drying and styling damp hair with the help of blow dryer. It helps to develop soft natural hair styles with free flowing effects. The style shape is only temporary – as the hair gradually absorbs moisture from the atmosphere it returns to its original state. Listed below are the principles of blow drying your hair:- – The hair is always dried from root to point, this smoothes the layer of cuticle, making the hair flatter and increases the ability of the hair to shine – The nozzle of the hair blow dryer should point away from the head, this will avoid any discomfort from burning the scalp or neck – The section or mesh of hair taken should be no deeper than the bristle or teeth section of the brush and no wider than the width of the brush. Matching the amount of hair to be dried with the bristle or teeth ‘footprint’ of the brush will always guarantee that you are not trying to handle too much hair – The flat jet of warm air from the nozzle should be parallel with the section being dried. This ensures that all the hair dries at an even rate – The drier must be kept moving in relation to the lengths of the sections of hair. This will avoid hot spots and hair damage as a consequence – The hair is dried with an even tension without pulling, the movement, volume or curl is achieved by curving the hair in the direction required. This ensures that the movement that you create in the hair will be even throughout the hairstyle and will last – Extra curl or movement is achieved by quickly cooling a previously dried section whilst the brush is still in place (i.e cool-shot drying, most professional hand dryers have this facility). The cooling action fixes the hair from alpha to beta keratin state, whereas warm hair can still revert back from beta to its original alpha state Thing to remember – Hair dryers only blow out what they such in from the other end. Always make sure that the filter is attached to the back of the dryer, as this will prevent hair from getting sucked in. This is not only embarrassing but dangerous as well. P.S: This blow drying article is a part of Hair Technology course provided by VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition. Diploma in Hair Technology course provides training in Hair Cutting, coloring, Hair extensions and detailed practical sessions guided by Industry best trainers.