Beauty Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without!


Let’s be clear and straight that we all had a moment where we were out and really wished to have some of our quick beauty products to be with us. No matter what, females should always have a kit of few beauty essentials needed as refreshment to their makeup to feel fresh and clean. Personally being a makeup artist or a modern woman it’s hard to grab everything you need when you’re in a rush, so always carry some of the beauty pick-ups which are used no matter what situation you are in.

That is why we had created a list of items you should have in your purse on a daily basis:

1. Lip Balm/ Lip gloss


Ever felt the cracking of your lips and wished to have a lip balm/gloss in your purse? Especially during those dry winter seasons, we all face dryness and dehydration in our lips, so always carry a lip balm/lip gloss before leaving home to hydrate and moisturize your pout regularly for smooth, supple and dewy lips.

2.Wet Wipes and sanitizers


You should always have wet wipes and sanitizers in your daily kit to wipe off extra dirt, impurities and excess oil on your face. Sanitizers are always used for hygienic purposes and should always be in your kit for daily sanitary purposes.



Personally being a makeup artist, I found tweezers to be included in your daily beauty essentials kit as you always can’t see all the little hairs on your eyebrows. For an unplanned meeting or an event, if you wish to have bombshell eyebrows decide on tweezers with an ideal tip and avoid items with level edges on top as it can shear off your eyebrow hairs.

4.Face Powder


Almost 90% women carry face powder in their daily kit as face powders are used for removing sweat and oil and give an instant bright and fresh look with a bit of coverage to hide blemishes and flaws on your face on a go.



Always carry a concealer in your kit as it hides unwanted scars and blemishes of your face at any moment of time. No matter how long-lasting your makeup products are, there is always a need to do a few retouches during the day.



If we are running late and need an effortless appearance in a go you are a step away to achieve a brightening look. Simply a single lipstick changes our whole look in any instant and we always need to retouches out lipstick either we are working in an office or we are out for a vacation.

7.Purse Perfume


Some of the products are non-negotiable when it comes to the point of essential products in our daily routine. Everyone has certain priorities in choosing products but when it comes to the point of perfumes we all love to smell good and fresh at any point of time. All you need is to always carry a pocket perfume and you’ll surely smell as good as you look.

8.Hand Cream


No one can tell who you’ll meet during the day and with whom you’ll be shaking hands. You should always be prepared for any face to face with soft and delicate hands at any moment of time. No one expects a warm welcome with dry and scratchy hands, hence always moisturize your hands for a soft and smooth appearance.

9.Pocket Comb


Always carry a pocket comb in your purse ladies to instantly tangle your hairs at any moment of time to feel revived during a hard day of work. A pocket brush is an incredible expansion to your compact excellence case and can invigorate your look in only a couple of swipes. It always retains its natural freshness for a long time.

10.Eyelash Mascara and kajal


Ladies love to wear mascara and kajal on their daily routine either she is a college student or a working woman. These are the important pieces of our cosmetics and enhance the whole look in a single swipe. We always feel fresh and energetic after wearing kajal as it gives a quite steady look to a woman irrespective of the occasion.



Whenever you feel pale or dull in your complexion, popping on a bronzer on the hollow of your cheeks or blush on the apple of the cheeks gives a more radiant and natural-looking glow helping you to go from a dull to fabulous glow in a minute.