Makeup is love for all ladies. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful and attractive? Even in today’s life men also started their interests in makeup. If you are a makeup artist then you should have to be different from others and have each and every key detail in makeup. So, today let’s learn about concealers. What concealers are? How to use concealers? Why to use concealers? All those questions will be solved today so let’s get started.

Concealer is a type of cosmetic product that is used to cover unevenness of the skin like dark circles, age spots, open pores, and blemishes that are visible to your skin. It is from a base color family which means they look similar to foundation, but thicker are thicker in texture and are used to hide various different face problems.


As concealers and foundations both are of the same color family they all are used to cover your skin flaws the only difference between them is that concealers are a bit thicker in consistency than foundations and are used to cover unevenness and over which foundations are to be used to complete 100% coverage. Concealers are more heavily pigmented, though both concealer and foundations are widely available in the market.

You can use a concealer all alone or along with foundation also. It comes in different forms that could be liquid or creamy. Concealers are available in a variety of shades in the market and choosing best for your skin could be confusing. If you desire of much fairer look then choose a concealer of tone to tone and if you prefer a natural tone to tone flawless makeup then you must go with one shade darker concealers as your skin problems are always darker than your skin tone so always choose concealers wisely for a perfect finish. Concealers with yellow undertone hide dark circles and pigmentations.


If you don’t want full coverage and just need to hide skin problems then you can also wear concealers all alone as well and when you are wearing foundations avoid rubbing the area after applying concealers as we have to concentrate the specific area, rubbing will decrease the effects of concealers.