Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

Many of us love to get that natural & subtle makeup look. We have seen too much of cakey bases and the powdery faces. So, this is where the Airbrush makeup gain its popularity. Airbrush makeup is very hygienic as we spray foundations, colors & inks on the face and body. We need not touch the face while doing airbrush makeup. It gives a very natural looking finish and the molecules of the products used are very light in weight, which feels like makeup so light that the skin can breathe in it. Be it theater or movies Airbrush makeup has become very popular and is loved by artists. Even the bride’s of today wants the natural skin look and healthy glow on the face for their special day and don’t opt for theheavy bases. The airbrush makeup can last for 24 hours.

Here are some tips to remember while doing Airbrush makeup:

1.You should maintain 4-6 fingers gap while doing the airbrush makeup on face and 2-3 fingers gap while spraying over the eyes.

2.For beginners, it is advisable to practice circular motions. So as to prevent the makeup from becoming patchy.

3.When covering large area, use the airbrush with more air pressure. Smaller area requires low air pressure comparatively.

4.Don’t open your eyes as soon as eye makeup is done. Keep your eyes closed for sometime to avoid making it patchy.

5.Keep your control over the trigger and concentrate on the direction of the air flow to avoid mistakes.

6.It’s preferable to use lighter colors first and then move towards the dark ones. This saves your time, as u wouldn’t need to clean the gun after every step.

7.The air gun should be cleaned after every use. As soon as u finishes the makeup pour some cleanser in the mixing cup and then cleans it, this prevents the ink from drying.

8.Giving touchups in the airbrush makeup is little difficult, so once you are confident enough press the trigger and stay focused.