Aesthetics Treatments : A billion dollar Industry


Aesthetics is an integral part of Cosmetology and is a blooming industry within the Beauty and Wellness Segment. It is the need of time to learn paramedical skin treatments based on the Medical cosmetology to one and all as a preventive measure for ageing skin and also to have the flawless, glowing skin. In today’s time there is a huge demand of Aesthetics who are skilled with various Aesthetic Treatments for Skin and Hair with zero to minimum downtime.

With every day increase in desire to look attractive, young, beautiful and increasing knowledge of beauty clients around the methodologies available like Laser Hair Removal and Facial Aesthetics, there is no turning back for Aesthetics Treatments and the industry as such is poised to grow in double digital figures. There is an increasing demand for quality and standardized services provided by the Aesthetics to meet the client’s expectation. Going by the growth in the number of Laser Treatment Centers across the country, it is a clear reflection on the demand and options available for permanent self beautification. This is equivalently supported by increased disposable income around households. In fact, the treatments are no longer limited to people of highly affluent class or Celebrities per se and have been very well accepted by both the genders from middle and high income groups.

To name some of the treatments that have been in high demand are Skin Resurfacing treatments like Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion (skin polishing), Jet Peel (Aqua-Facial or Hydra-facial), and Laser Hair Reduction. Acne Treatment and Low laser therapy for Hair Growth has already marked their presence with increased consumer base in accordance to the current lifestyle both on personal and official front. It is with this pace that the Aesthetics market in India has clearly grown itself multi folds and is planning to match the standards and prices of US, China etc.