How to Age Your Face with Makeup


Have you ever thought about how you would look after getting older? If you are a makeup or theater artist you should have the knowledge of how to make someone look older in front of the camera? Old age makeup may seem complicated, but it is quite easy to do. You only need a couple of makeup products and tools to create an older looking face.


Let’s start with a couple of following steps to complete our look.

Firstly apply a layer of foundation-Start with a clean, dry face and then apply a layer of one shade lighter foundation to your entire face as when we get older our skin starts getting pigmented. Use liquid foundation with the help of a sponge and lock your foundation with a lighter layer of translucent powder.

Use brown eyeshadow or liner to create depthness around your mouth-Use brown eyeshadow to create dark circles and patches on your face and start using brown creamy liner to begin creating the appearance of wrinkles on your face. To create wrinkles start tracing the natural lines and folds of your face with a dark brown eyeshadow or eyeliner.


You start drawing lines extending down from your nostrils. The folds that extend down from your nostrils to the area just below and outside of your chin will become deeper as you age. To create this effect, go over these lines with a dark brown eyeshadow or liner.

Always make sure to blend the lines you have created to make them seem more subtle and natural.

Start working with your eyes-To create older looking eyes draw lines that trace over the lower part of your eye sockets and above your cheek bones. This will help to create the appearance of sagging eyes and similarly start drawing lines towards inner corners of your eyes and between the eyebrows, blend them gently by smudging the lines either with brush or your fingers.

After creating some basic wrinkles on your face, start intensifying the wrinkles around your eyes and nose. Begin by creating some crow’s feet. You can add a few lines extending out from the outer edges of your eyes. Use the eyeshadow or eyeliner to create the lines and lastly blend the lines gently.

Intensify the features of your nose-As you age, your nose will begin to look sharper and harsher. To intensify your nose start creating lines or shade in the sides of your nose. Use darker brown to darken the sides of your nose to make it seem sharper and add a few lines extending between the inner eye and the nose to make it more realistic. Don’t forget to blend the lines gently.

Create your lips older-To make your lips look shaggy, start creating the appearance of fine lines on your lips, use a dark brown eyeliner or eyeshadow to fill in a few small lines above your lips.

Use fingers to gently blend the lines to make them seem more natural.

Next, you need to apply the lip color of darker shades with creamy texture as the older ladies used to carry.