Black & White Is Not Just Golden Era Makeup


Black & White makeup is no more about retro looks, i.e., big hairdos, white base, accentuated liner, the makeup has now evolved to being black & white photographic makeup, giving MUAs much more space and freedom to create their best black & white look.


Black and white photographic makeup is especially done for magazine shoots, portfolio shoots, and is mostly for jewellery shoots also.

This type of photographic makeup records colours on a grey scale, thereby creating a beautiful contrast in the photographs.

Black and white photographs not only showcase the bone structure of the face beautifully but also have a different panache that makes the photo much more attractive.

Let’s go through some important factors that you don’t want to miss before creating a beautiful black & white photographic look:

Matte Foundation– Black & white looks turn out better in photographs with a matte look. A matte look establishes a better contrast compared to a glossy look.

Strong contour-You will notice a different beauty in your black and white look with a strong contour, especially on the cheeks, as it will contribute majorly in creating a contrast and showcasing the bone structure amazingly well.


Accentuated eyes– Eye makeup holds a lot of power in making or breaking any makeup look let alone black and white. Eye makeup must be done in a way that it attracts attention and adds value to the overall look; you can go for a Smokey eye, a simple winged liner or a nude eye done with really dark brows.


So, feel free to create your own black and white photographic makeup look keeping the above suggestions in mind.