A Makeup a dream

A Makeup a dream

Beauty is eternal and it is all about being the best version of yourself. We all love to look beautiful as it gives us joy as well as confidence. A little bit of makeup can give us immense pleasure and also boost our confidence manifolds. In a recent survey, it is discovered that women feel more confident while wearing makeup than going without it on any social occasion.

In our ordinary lives, we have moments when we dream of looking like someone special we adore or like some princess, some celebrity and may be like some angel but the ultimate desire is to get a dream look that can bring our beauty in a best way

At VLCC, we are creating masterpieces and are helping you in realizing your dream. We have a team of highly trained professionals and makeup stalwarts, who wont let your expectations down and would give you a look that would be beyond your expectations. Our makeup professionals are trained in giving makeup looks of both traditional and international level. They bring your #Makeup dream true by using some important tips of makeup that are usually ignored by individuals applying makeup by themselves:

1. At VLCC, we apply best products : Any dream could become a nightmare if products of cheap and low quality are used on your face. It would bring side-effects to your skin and can damage it by causing pimples, blotches or patches. We use products of renowned brands of both nation and international acclaim. We also use our won chain of VLCC products if asked by the client. These products are a perfect fit for your soft and sensitive skin.

2. Use of Products in optimum Quality : We use products in perfect quantity and in a perfect mix so that cosmetics do not harm your skin and also can be utilized in optimum manner while giving the desired results.

3. Never go to bed with makeup: Sleeping while wearing makeup can adversely affect your skin as it wont let your skin to breathe. Always make it a point to remove the makeup by using some best quality makeup remover. You can also use an oil-based cleanser or a detoxifying water-based cleanser as if will help you in removing heavy makeup layers as well as dust particles that usually get into your pores. Finally wash your face with fresh water and sleep peacefully.

4. Drink Water; its necessary : Water is rejuvenating, both for skin and body. Drink it in good amount and see the effect on your skin. Water keeps your skin hydrated and you get to see a more radiant and fresh skin. It is advisable to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water in a day as it maintains the optimum moisture level in your skin.

5. Say no to caffeine : There are studies showing that regular consumption of caffeine in your lives can take away your skin’s natural glow and would make it dry and pale. So make sure to have a restricted use of caffeine in your diet.

VLCC is all about beauty that shines from deep within so try our makeup tutorials so get it from our experienced makeup artists and relive your #makeup dream.