Weight Loss Myhts

Break fast Should Be The King Size Meal

Actually it is very important to listen to your body. You can reduce and increase your food quantity as per your hunger. You can skip it and can delay it as per your body’s needs and routine. The most important thing for weight loss is the quality of food not quantity.

Sweating Is Equal To Fat Burning

Sweating is your electrolyte loss. Fat loss depends on the energy your body consumed from stored fats as fuel. Breathing exercises help with fat burning than just sweating. Thus one must observe their sweating conditions and get them tested for any external disease to prevent electrolyte loss.

Early Dinners Are Important For WeightLoss

Dinner time should be according to one’s dailyroutine. For example, if you are an early riser you take all meals early. Whereas if you start your day late and sleep late, then your meals will be delayed too. It is however recommended to have early dinners so you don’t go to bed right after a meal.

Rice Is Fattening

It doesn’t have more fat than other carbs. Rice is a glutenfree food that is easily digestible. In fact 50 grams of rice has only 1gram of fat. Instead eating excess rice is fattening as the glucose in rice is easily converted to fat if not utilized by the body on time. So,makesureto only eat rice in small portions.

Cut Down The Fat To Reduce Weight

Fat is very important to keep you fit. Fat helps in absorption of minerals, nutrients and vitamin A, D, E and K. Fat helps in production of cholesterol which is essential for some. Hormones production e.i, e strogen and test oster one. Healthy hormone balance keeps you fit.

Eat Less To Lose Weight

Instead of eating less one must know their basal metabolicrate (BMR) first,and do not eat less than BMR. Maintain muscle mass by indulging into some kind of strength training or body weight and exercise at home. Protein in take should be optimal to avoid any muscle loss. Build a good metabolism with a proper sleep schedule to reduce stress. Start reverse diet-by slowly increasing calorie intake to boost your metabolism. Don’t starve and kill your metabolism which may lead to chronic diseases in the future.




Healthy Food








Some Tips To Boost immunity

  • 1 At home made only.
  • 2 Maintain Cleanliness
  • 3 Exercise for 30 min a day
  • 4 Boil veggies or dip them in 1 cup apple cider vinegar + water for 30 min before using
  • 5 Meditate
  • 6 Sleep 8 hours
  • 7 Wash your hands every 1-2 hours for 20-30 seconds.
  • 8 Avoid going public places
  • 9 Be positive
  • 10 Pray and believe that all is going to be fine

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