Cheeky With Blush


Powder Blush

The most used & wanted blush out there, powder blush works well for all skin types, however best suited for oily skin. Get your hands on the shimmery texture if you wish to skip the highlighter and add a radiant & rosy glow to your cheeks.


Liquid Blush

Opt for the glare worthy definition with liquid blushes. Highly pigmented in texture, liquid blushes can be muted with powder application for a seamless finish. Pro tip- Always test the product on the back of your hand before you apply it to your face.


Cream Blush

A smooth glide that is best suited for dry skin and mature skin, cream blushes offer a youthful, hydrating, and dewy flush to the cheeks. An easy to apply product with just a smear of the fingers, cream blushes make for the perfect on-the-go makeup.


Cheek Stain/Tint

Blush sticks work wonders for those who are always on the go. Pretty similar to cream blush and easy to use for beginners, blush sticks are wonderful for dry skin and can be blended with finger on-the-go.


Blush Stick

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Understand your Skin Type

Find out your skin type whether it is Oily, Dry, Normal, or Combination to choose the product that suits your skin the best.


Identify your Skin Tone

Foundation shades are available in 3 different tones i.e; Cool, Warm and Neutral. Hence it’s important to know your undertone to pick up the right shade of foundation. To begin, check your veins to determine your undertone. If your veins appear Blue then you have a Cool undertone ; likewise Green =Warm & Combination of both = Neutral.


Try before you Buy

It’s always recommended to swatch the shade on your Jawline instead of your arm or hand. Make sure you check the swatch in natural lighting if it matches your skin tone or not.


Know your Preference

With tons of foundations available in the market, the finish and coverage of each foundation are different. It’s always useful to mention your preference while buying the foundation whether you want full, medium, or sheer coverage foundation with matte, satin, or dewy finish.


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