Certificate in Special Effect Makeup Artistry


11 Days (78 hours)

No of Days:

11 Days

Course Content:

3D Prosthetics & Special Effects

  • Introduction class (TV, film, theatre and 3D effects)
  • 3D prosthetic special effect
  • Casualty simulation
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Material introduction
  • Preparation of skin
  • Wounds, Scars, Bruises, Bullet marks and cuts
  • Bald Cap Making and Fixing Technique
  • Old Age Makeup
  • Zombie Makeover
  • Burn effect Makeup
  • Mould making techniques
  • Arginate powder mixing techniques
  • Making of Silicone pieces
  • Group practices on negative facial makeover
  • Special effect techniques
  • Negative to positive facial makeover
  • Positive facial makeover with piastionine
  • 3D application Positive moulds tops
  • Foam material techniques
  • 3D application with foam material
  • 3D colouring technique
  • Character analysis
  • Lights for make up
  • Cleansing and removal of makeup techniques
  • Make-up shoots of student’s creation
  • Group discussion
  • Make up Practical
  • Student feedback
  • Closing and distribution of certificates
  • One-day educational tour